About Mobango

  • What is Mobango?

    Mobango is India’s leading app store for Android users. We are a marketplace which provides access to free and premium apps, games and videos uploaded by content owners. Mobango primarily caters to the users in India via the mobile site at www.mobango.com and our app. Mobango has more than 20m monthly users and delivers over 1m daily downloads. Mobango serves primarily the Android smartphone users in India. Mobango is the entertainment vertical owned by Mauj Mobile Pvt. Ltd.

    You can follow Mobango on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

  • What is Mauj Mobile?

    Mauj Mobile is India’s fastest growing mobile media company specializing in premium content market places. With over 20mn monthly unique users, Mauj mobile is amongst the few mobile product companies from India. Mauj Mobile is a leading player in India for distribution and monetization of mobile value added service.

    Mauj Mobile has won several awards including European Red Herring and mBillionth Awards for Innovation. Mauj Mobile is part of People Group.

  • How many users does Mobango have? What is Mobango’s user profile?

    Mobango has over 20m monthly users doing over 1m downloads of games, apps and video views a day. Mobango has delivered more than a billion downloads till date. Over 70% of the users of Mobango are Android smartphone users. Users on Mobango can also join the community that is available within the app that enables them to discover what others are downloading.

    The user profile is young, smartphone users, majority being between 15-40 years of age across large cities in India. They tend to be gamers and entertainment video consumers.

    On Mobango, games works the best given our user profile and amongst apps, casual apps, productivity apps, social / dating apps, browsers, shopping, travel and entertainment apps are some of the top performing app categories – this reflects the user profile that we have.

  • Which markets Mobango work with?

    Mobango is a global store. However, over 80% of downloads are from India. Mobango helps global developers of apps and games market their apps to the large Indian smartphone users. Hence, our developer community is global with over 90% of registered developers from outside India.

  • Who are the current content partners of Mobango?

    Mobango has over 30,000+ registered developers who have contributed over to 120,000 apps and games on Mobango. Our developer partners include some of the top global developers such as Zeptolab, Herocraft, Playmous, Disney, Zapak, Games2Win, Tequila Mobile, Halfbrick, Appon Software, Supersike Games, Reliance Games, Playrix, Pixel Squad, Inlogic, Moonglabs etc.

    Mobango videos are a combination of users uploading videos on Mobango and professional content contributed by video companies who also distribute their content over Youtube and other channels. Mobango has over 100,000 videos on its marketplace which helps drive engagement amongst the users.

I am a developer, how do I get started?

  • Are there any specific requirements for submitting games/apps to Mobango?

    Developers can upload all their free games and apps on Mobango (link to upload interface). The upload process for the apps and games is really quick and a 3 step process. We encourage all developers to upload detailed metadata around their apps and games at time of uploading.

    Mobango operates as a marketplace and hence the developer community is responsible for the uploads of content on Mobango. We strongly encourage the developers to upload only content that belongs to them or have rights to distribute. If any copyright issues are identified by the developer community, your apps face risk of deletion from the store.

    At Mobango the consumer experience is our top most priority and our publishing guidelines are based on the same guiding principles. You can read the detailed guidelines here- Mobango Guidelines.

    You can directly get connected with our Developer Community Manager Anand Behere (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn) regarding any query about your content.

  • What should I do if I face difficulty with uploading/hosting my apps/games on Mobango?

    If you face any difficulty with uploading/hosting your games/apps on Mobango, you can directly get connected with our Developer Community Manager Anand Behere (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn)

    We will share your query with our respective teams and get your issue resolved in the least possible time.

  • What IP protection do I have?

    Mobango takes its partners’ IP rights seriously. We expect the developer community to highlight to us any possible IP conflicts in which case we may choose to ask you to prove the ownership or distribution rights of the content you have uploaded. If any developer is unable to provide us with reasonable evidence, then we may remove such content from our marketplace. We strictly adhere to Indian Information Technology Act and Copyright laws in India.

  • Is there a standard developer agreement that we enter into?

    Click here to read Mobango’s Terms of Service. This online agreement has all the rights and obligations of both Mobango and the developers.

  • How much time does it take to publish my content?

    It takes up to 7 working days to publish the game/app, after it’s uploaded on Mobango.

  • What are the tips and tricks to get lots of organic downloads from Mobango?

    Mobango focuses on providing latest / updated apps with rich meta information to its users so that users take an informed decision prior to downloading your Content. Follow these simple guidelines to maximize your downloads:

    • Upload your latest version and keep your apps updated on Mobango
    • Upload rich metadata with lots of high resolution screen shots, app description videos and great thumbnail of your apps
    • Pay attention to the app description and tags that you use in uploading your apps. Thoughtful tags of at least 2 words maximize your chances of getting discovered on Mobango.
    • Expand your presence on Mobango by uploading all your titles.
    • If you have organic traffic to your website, give a referral back to Mobango for your top apps so your organic users can get your apps from Mobango
    • Promote your app that is hosted on Mobango across your social profiles.
  • How to update my uploaded games/apps on Mobango?

    Developers can easily update the game /app details and build files of their uploaded game/app through the Edit/View Details and Edit/View Builds links in the Developer area. Log in here: Developer Area.

  • How to update my profile details?

    Developers can click here to update their profile details like company name, country, mobile no, website, Facebook page link, Twitter link any time. To update details like Email id and Username you can directly get connected with our Developer Community Manager Anand Behere (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn)

  • How do get my app featured on Mobango to get downloads?

    If you would like to get your app featured on Mobango, get in touch with our Developer Community manager, Anand Behere (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn). Our editorial team will review your app and consider for featuring.

  • How do I get reports, analytics about my apps performance?

    Mobango has an extensive real time analytics dashboard that gives you how your apps are performing. Also Mobango sends your apps performance dashboard on a monthly basis by email.

  • Can I promote my app on Mobango?

    Yes; you can promote your app on Mobango which ensures that your app is featured in Home and other key traffic landing pages in priority over other apps. We have a self-serve ad platform on which you can indicate your bid for your campaign on a CPD (Cost per Download) basis. You can add funds, manage campaigns and get campaign reports once you have set up the campaign online. Access our PPD ad platform here.

  • What are the monetization opportunities with Mobango?

    Mobango app developers are free to use any in-app monetization of their choice – be it ads on in-game purchases while uploading their apps on Mobango.

    To get more information on Mobango premium monetization, get in touch with our Developer Community manager Anand Behere (Email, Twitter, LinkedIn).


We do not allow Apps or Games which fall into below issues

  • Functionality issues

    • Crashes of the App during or after installation
    • Bugs of any kind within the App
    • Demo or trial or test App versions
    • Apps that install other files or irrelevant Apps
    • Launchers or redirection to other websites or App stores
    • Duplicate Apps or multiple versions of same App from same developer
    • Apps that duplicate famous or branded Apps
    • Apps that use famous or branded Apps names in their titles or description etc.
    • Apps with no functional benefit to the user
    • Apps with Inaccurate functionality
    • Apps whose functionality does not match with description
    • Apps which do not document all the features in their description
    • Apps, which play pranks, without a clear explanation about the prank in the description
    • Apps that restart or shut down the mobile device on installation
    • Apps which are not in English
    • Excessive display of in-App advertisements
    • Files of other App stores which directly or indirectly compete with Mobango
  • Meta data issues

    • Insufficient information and unclear description about the functionality of the App
    • Irrelevant screenshots or names or descriptions or previews of the App
    • Apps that use different titles before and after installation
    • Mismatch between content type and category name
    • Apps that use Inappropriate keywords or tags
    • Apps with blurred screenshots or images or icons or thumbnails
    • Apps with same or similar screenshots or titles or thumbnails
    • Usage of graphics that are inappropriate with functionality and description
  • Legal & IPR non-compliance

    • False or fraudulent or misleading representations of any facts or content
    • Illegal use of titles or icons of other Apps
    • Illegal betting or gambling through the App
    • Non-compliance with Terms & Conditions of Intellectual Property copyrights
  • Content issues

    • Apps with pornography related content
    • Apps with nudity in graphics or screenshots etc.
    • Apps with any content related to child abuse or violence on children
    • Apps with content that encourage alcohol consumption or smoking
    • Apps that use defamatory or offensive language or mean-spirited content
    • Apps that contain derogatory references or comments about any religion or culture or ethnicity
    • Apps with misleading or provoking or incorrect religious quotes or translations